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The best tribute and obituary I have seen for Bob is at the following link.  Please read about this fine man.

By Jerry Adams, copyright © 2001

In memory of Bob Wallace, 1921 – 1999

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In memory of Bob and Helen Wallace, real fine people BY Ken Cox.


I also met R. E. "Bob" and Helen Wallace when I stopped into their stamp and coin shop over twenty years ago.  They were the kind of folks that enjoyed helping you and made you feel good about helping them.  For many years I helped (clerked) at their auctions just to be part of the team.  I did this whenever I could because it was always a fun experience. 


After the monthly auction was discontinued in 1994 (hall rental costs and the economy) I had evidently gained some credibility as a “technical advisor” (third opinion).  Believe me, if Bob Wallace called to ask your opinion on something you really felt special; and ecstatic if Helen took your advice.


After Bob’s death in 1999, Helen had a terrible time.  If running the business and settling his estate wasn’t enough, she was in the middle of building a new home.  Then the county came in with eminent domain forcing her to relocate the business.  Friends pitched in and helped but she carried a tremendous load finding a new location, moving into temporary buildings, arranging financing and building a new building while fighting the “powers to be” all the way.  Finally in 2006, the house and building were done, we helped her get moved into the new building, had a nice grand opening, the business was back on track and she got to enjoy the satisfaction that this world couldn’t beat her.


Bob and Helen are the friends we and “Cowtown” will miss like family.


Helen Marie Wallace  1943 - 2008

Helen Marie Wallace died at her home Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008.
Funeral: 10 a.m. Friday, Nov. 7, at Lucas & Blessing Funeral Home, 518 S.W. Johnson Ave., Burleson, with the Rev. J.W. Brown officiating. Interment: Nocona Cemetery.
Memorials: Donations may be made in memory of Helen Marie Wallace to the Humane Society of Johnson County or a charity of choice.
Mrs. Wallace was born Dec. 10, 1943, in Detroit, Mich. She was a nationally known and revered expert in rare stamps, coins and postal history, and was owner of R.E. Wallace Stamps & Coins, in operation for 60 continuous years in downtown Fort Worth.
In the 1960s, she moved to Texas and married R.E. "Bob" Wallace, a highly decorated World War II combat veteran, and joined him in the operation of R.E. Wallace Stamps & Coins. Upon her husband's death in 1999, Mrs. Wallace continued to operate their famous business. Mrs. Wallace's advice and expertise were widely sought by collectors across the country. She worked hard and could always be trusted.
Mrs. Wallace was truly a one-of-a-kind, pistol-packing, Pall Mall-smoking, bourbon-drinking tornado of a woman who believed strongly in the rights of individual landowners. She was loved by the many she befriended and feared by those who made the mistake of crossing her.
Her death is a great loss to the world of stamps and coins and the very fabric of downtown Cowtown, Texas.
Survivors: Her many friends and admirers throughout the United States; her beloved horse, Checkers; and the many cats she loved and cared for.

Published in the Star-Telegram from 11/5/2008 - 11/6/2008



Funeral a sad event
Posted by Dave

Today is the funeral of Fort Worth, Texas, coin dealer Helen Wallace, who died Oct. 29 at the age of 64. I won’t be in attendance, but my thoughts will be there when the clock strikes 10 this morning.

She was the wife of the late R.E. “Bob” Wallace, who died in 1999. He was a coin dealer for many years.

Helen continued to operate the coin and stamp business after his death. She was in a new building that has been open only for the last couple of years. The necessity of it was the city of Fort Worth used the powers of eminent domain to take the prior permanent location, forcing Helen to run her business from temporary quarters for years on end.

I happened to visit her temporary operation during a visit to the Texas Numismatic Association convention a number of years back. I have forgotten just how many.

I observed first hand that she enjoyed her cigarettes and a good stiff drink. I don’t know if the brandy old fashioneds she had on hand were for the benefit of the Wisconsin delegation she was hosting (there was more than one of us Krause employees on hand), because I note that in her formal obituary it is written that “Mrs. Wallace was truly a one of a kind, pistol packing, Pall Mall smoking, bourbon drinking tornado of a woman who believed strongly in the rights of individual landowners.”

Perhaps she had just run out of bourbon that day.

During my visit I paid my respects to the derelict B. Max Mehl building. He died in 1957. He pioneered mass marketing coins. Bob Wallace had acquired a number of Mehl’s assets, including canceled checks with the famous coin dealer’s signature.

When it is time to go back in 2010 for the proposed American Numismatic Association convention, Fort Worth won’t feel quite the same without a visit to Helen’s shop.

Rest in peace.


Published in Numismatic News Editor Dave Harpers blog Nov. 7, 2008



November 4, 2008

you will be greatly missed dear friend!

Don & Kathy Mims (Ft Worth, TX)


November 5, 2008

She's the last of the GREAT stamp dealers,and will be missed!

Michael&lin Daniels (Fort Worth, TX)


When I first met you I thought that we would never get along, but, as time passed I realized what a truly remarkable person you were. It has been a delight working with you through the Post Office and I will truly miss you. Save me a place up there and we can talk stamps when I see you again.

Jeanette Hodges (Fort Worth)


Burleson City Council meetings will never be the same. You are missed Helen.

Sally Ellertson (Burleson, TX)


We will miss you at the Burger Box on Saturday mornings. Your wit and laughter brought many moments of pleasure to all of us. Journey well, my friend.

Al Blumenthal (Burleson, TX)


November 6, 2008

Both Bob and Helen are gone? That is hard to believe. I must say: "I am proud to be known as one of the "Wallace auctioneers," purple tuxedo, string bow tie, and all. Thanks Helen and Bob for giving me that great experience. Thanks goes to Helen for letting us play the accordion at the grand opening.

Norman Seaton (Dallas, TX)


Our city became a little less interesting with Helen's passing. Fortunately, the legend of the "pistol-packing, Pall Mall-smoking, bourbon-drinking, tornado of a woman" will live forever!

Thank you, Helen, for holding our feet to the fire and for never hesitating to let us know when we were falling short or when you thought we were doing a good job.

Ken Shetter (Burleson, TX)


We held much respect for Helen and are sorry to hear of her passing. She was truly one of a kind!

Mary & Bob Douglas (Hillsboro, TX)